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  1. The Day Kenny’s Cousin Tried to Kill Us All

  2. The Day We Pitched The Loan Shark

  3. The Day We Lost 10 Grand At The Hollywood Sign

  4. The Day We Humped A Cement Mixer

  5. The Day My Business Was Trashed By A Worm

  6. The Day We Went To Orofino

  7. The Day We Sparked A Riot In Fargo, North Dakota

  8. The Day Of Murder And Cornfields Ocean Deep

  9. The Day We Blew The Rock In Malibu

  10. The Day We Went Shark Fishing In Our Underwear

  11. The Day Joe The Mo Fell Into A Hard Place

  12. The Day I Became An Ass Producer

  13. The Day I Ran With The Bulls

  14. The Day The Sergeant Went Fishing

  15. The Day The Game Warden Died

  16. The Day Of My Grandfather The Psychopath

  17. The Day We Roped The Bear

  18. The Day I Got A Beating From My Grandfather

  19. The Day Of A Hot Date And We Fell Out Of The Sky

  20. The Day We Blew Town With The Monkey

  21. The Day The Lord Worked In A Mysterious Way

  22. The Day Of The South Dakota Small Town

  23. The Day I Was Saved By Mickey Mouse

  24. The Day Johnny Cash Hit On My Wife

  25. The Day We Triggered The Doomsday Code

  26. The Day They Tried To Kill Us In Arkansas

27.  Colorado Fireworks                        

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